A small company with the experience to guide you down the right path.

DataPath Systems is a full service market research company. Donna and Mike Larsen founded the company first in Canada in May of 1998, based on 14 years of past experience with large U.S. and Canadian market research firms. While Mike is a long time resident of Canada, Donna is a long time resident of the U.S.. Now, they both hold duel citizenship, and live in both countries, bringing the perspective of both countries into the business.

The philosophy of the business is to produce top quality market research information by using the state of the art in technology and training. All forms of technology, such as online panels, CATI, email and the Internet are used whenever appropriate, as well as traditional data collection methods such as face-to-face interviewing, telephone interviews, internet surveys or even via conventional mail.

DataPath Systems is capable of handling all levels of market research needs, from data collection to data analysis, segmentation, planning and application of the information.

Over the past several years, DataPath Systems has completed numerous research projects concentrating in travel and tourism. In addition, incorporating segmentation and predictive analysis in the research projects has increased the relevance and action-ability of the data.

"We started DataPath to break out of the large corporate world and bring more personal service to the research."

Who we are

Donna Larsen, CAIP

Donna has worked in market research and strategic planning for over 30 years. During that time she has consulted with major hotel chains, airlines, destinations and government organizations with experience in Northern Canada, and the U.S.. Her primary focus is on market research, methodology, data collection and reporting.

Ms. Larsen is a past president and the Chairman of the Board of the Travel and Tourism Research Association. This Association of 800 members represents over 50 countries and is the leader in travel and tourism research. She has also taught in the Tourism Program at Yukon College and has held a position on the TIA Yukon board of directors. She is also a Past Chairman of the Canada Chapter of TTRA. Current Donna is on the Standards Committee for Canadian Research Insights Council.

· Donna Larsen was formerly the Vice President of Travel and Tourism for the Angus Reid Group prior to moving to the Yukon. (At the time, it was Donna Teboe). During the five years with Angus Reid Group, Ms. Larsen worked on numerous travel and tourism projects, and managed over $4 Million worth of projects.

· Donna specializes in methodology and sample frame, and questionnaire design, and is one of approximately 300 Canadians achieving recognition by the Canadian Research and Insights Council (CAIP) as a Certified Analytics and Insights Professional of Canada.

· Currently she owns and manages DataPath Systems with responsibility for all project design, questionnaire design, data collection, data analysis in SPSS, and reporting.

· She holds university degrees in Sociology, Anthropology, and Marketing.

Mike Larsen

Mike Larsen is responsible for any data programming needs (online tools programming, database management, etc.), and graphic/computer needs for DataPath Systems. Mr. Larsen’s background is in database management and computer technology. He brings to the team a detailed analytical approach to the data and the presentation of data via graphs and interactive reporting.

· Mike is versed in Visual Basic, Excel, Access, SPSS, PowerPoint, JavaScript and HTML.

· Mike designed and programmed several inquirer database tools, which created a single database of all tourism inquiries with automatic downloads to all groups requiring the data – from fulfillment houses to ad agencies to the Department.

· He is currently responsible for programming all questionnaires (either CATI or on-line), database management, and client websites (tracking of data collection, posting data results).

Debbie Champagne

Debbie has worked for DataPath Systems since its start-up in 1998. Starting as an interviewer, Debbie has worked her way up to senior staff director and field manager. She handles all aspects of:

· Hiring interviewers

· Training interviewers

· Billing and payroll

· Travel logistics

· Coordination with staff/local representatives

Debbie has extensive knowledge of working in small communities across the North.